In addition to residential and commercial construction and remodeling services, ASI Construction also offers both interior and exterior facilities repair services to both homes and offices. We exceed expectation in providing lasting solutions to our customers by offering permanent building maintenance supports to solve their problems.

We believe your building condition tends to deteriorate with time due to environmental factors and handling (in the case of interior facilities). If your building is not well maintained as required, you would not only save cost in the long run but also add value to your property.

ASI Construction is equipped with professional repairers who are trained in different fields to offer building maintenance. Whether you need a floor, roof, siding, or mechanical repairs, we respond to your distress calls by arriving at your property to solve your maintenance problems. You can rely on us for all sources of building maintenance needs in Orleans Park and its environment. Our repair services are not limited to the following:


We believe that repairs of leaking or old roof shouldn’t be a glamorous renovation that gulps so much money. If your roof needs maintenance, make it a top priority to carry out the repairs as soon as possible to keep your house safe; as delay may result in higher maintenance cost in the future. From our experience, it was discovered that all roof leaks and issues develop from many causes such as improper installations, weather conditions, aging factor, and much more.

ASI Construction provides a wide range of roof repair services to both residential and commercial. Our professional estimators will carry out inspection activities on your roof and tell you if your roof is repairable. Our roof repair services are not limited to the following:

  • Roof inspection
  • Writing roof inspection reports
  • Tile, shingle, shake blow off repairs
  • BUR, flat, and foam roof repairs
  • Emergency services
  • Scupper and drain repairs
  • Leak prevent services
  • Recoats
  • Roof vent repairs
  • Skylight replacement and repairs
  • Rotten wood repairs and replacement

You can contact us now for your roof repairs and maintenance.


Flashing is important in building roofing to serve some particular purposes anywhere it is installed. It is a strip or thin sheet of water-resistant material installed as roof projection to prevent water splashing or seepage through doors, windows, or foundation walls. We provide installation of flashing services to protect your house from water leaks and flashes. Contact us today!


Siding is your top defense line against many external factors such as temperature, elements and other related factors that impact indoors. We are not only installing siding, but also repair and carry out maintenance services on different types of siding materials such as composite wood siding, vinyl, fiber cement siding, cedar/wood shingles, clapboard, stucco, and much more. If your siding requires update or repairs, ASI Construction is one of the best and reliable companies to call. Our siding repair services include:

  • Shingle siding
  • Vertical siding
  • Lap siding
  • And much more


The floors in your home tend to suffer wear and tear daily from both occupants and visitors due to foot beating, furniture dragging, spills and accidental falls. Hence, at a time, it becomes expedient to carry out some repairs and maintenance or replace it. During this remodeling process, you may wish to change the style and décor of your flooring. There are many flooring options you can choose from to replace your damaged flooring, such as carpet, hardwood, or tiles. Our team of experts has professional flooring solutions to your outdated flooring. Contact us today!


Our mechanical repair services are concerned about the internal systems that help and make lives comfortable for you in the home. These facilities such as electricity, hot water system, HVAC systems, firefighter, and much more are always put to use every day; hence, they are subjected to wear and tear daily. At a point in time, they need repairs and maintenance to keep them functioning as expected. Our mechanical repairs services will handle all your fixed and movable home and office mechanical facilities to improve their efficiency. Call us today!


Building foundation damaged are caused by accidents or environmental attacks such as settlement, expansive soils, earthquake or landslide account for many building collapses every year. We are renowned for providing different types of foundation repair services to both home and office. So, if your building foundation is having an issue, don’t panic! We are here to help.

We understand various types of building foundation ranging from simple shallow spread footing, drilled caissons, to mat slabs. We are experienced in repair, improvement, modification, and installation of different kinds of foundations for strong reinforcement. Our structural engineers are equipped with required knowledge of structural designs of any kinds of building. Call us today!

Attic insulation

Are you in need of attic insulation retrofit in your home? ASI Construction is one of the best construction companies that offer this service. Or you are suspecting higher energy bill than normal, you may need some kinds of insulation repairs or maintenance. We understand and can maintain various types of insulation materials including cellulose, rigid board, and fiberglass. Contact us today!


We are also experienced in installing and maintaining a variety of drywall for both residential and commercial buildings. Our drywall repair services include metal framing, grid systems, and acoustical tiles. We will evaluate and come up with a solution for your drywall remodeling. Contact us today!


ASI Construction also provides painting services for residential and commercial purposes. If your house paint is fading away, you can give the work to us and we will add value to your building. Our team is experienced in color combinations that beautify your home. Contact us today!

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